Granny D's Cottage and Argyle Guest House next door.











Granny D's Inspiration - Her Grandson Hunter J



Coming soon.....Sew with Granny D while staying in her guest house - courses for Moms or Moms and kids.


Granny D lives in a cottage on the main street of Tomintoul, which is the highest village in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by rolling hills, water and wonderful wildlife with snowy winters. Tomintoul is situated some 14 miles from the nearest town!!!

Granny D likes to keep busy and runs a guesthouse next door to her cottage. When the season comes to a close there is nothing she enjoys more than sitting at her sewing machine near the window, looking out at the wonderous landscape and creating beautiful things. She has been sewing since she was a child. If there was something she saw that she would like to wear herself, she would sketch it,  and then go home and draw her own pattern out of newspaper and make her own version of whatever it was - and it became unique to any other that was available. This continued when she had children but this time she made a label in each of her creations which read :- Especially for you by Mom,

18 months ago she was inspired to use a similar label when she made a christening outfit for her first Grandchild - Hunter J.

Granny D now creates special things at home with her own label - Handmade - Especially for you by Granny D in Scotland.

Because she makes them herself, each will all be a slightly different from the next, so that you will have a unique gift, "Especially for you"....

Thank you for visitng Granny D (from Bonnie Scotland)